Please read the description of the category and the criteria carefully. There is no limit to the number of categories you may enter, but there is a limit of three entries per organisation per category.


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to the man or woman, currently living in Wiltshire, who has made the most significant contribution to the county during their lifetime. The judges will be looking for the most distinguished service or remarkable achievements displayed over a period of time.

This category is kindly sponsored by Smith & Williamson.

Young Sports Personality of the Year

This award will be presented to an individual, professional or amateur, in any recognised sport who has made the most significant contribution to sport as a result of individual or team achievement. Additional merit will be awarded where sport has been used in a community sense or to place Wiltshire on a national/international platform. The nominee must be 25 or younger on the closing date for entries.

This category is kindly sponsored by Wasps.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

This award will be given to the person who has made the most outstanding contribution to the business community in the county, and is aged 25 years or under at the time of entries closing. Is there someone in your local community who is achieving great results early in his or her career? Do you know a young person who has started his or her own business? Young people are the future of our county. Let’s offer them the support they deserve.

This category is kindly sponsored by Furniturebox

Carer of the Year

This is a prestigious award for a professional or voluntary carer. Those eligible include doctors, nurses, care workers or friends and relatives (including children) who care for someone or a group of people. Many carers are heroes to the people they help, whether in a big or small way; sometimes the little details all add up to make one special person. They all deserve recognition.

Teacher/Coach of the Year

This new award will be given to a teacher who goes the extra mile in ensuring children & young people of Wiltshire get the best possible start in life. Be it in a pre-school, pre-prep, primary, prep, secondary or 6th Form setting, we’re looking for someone who has a passion for what they do and puts their pupils at the centre of their work. Judges will of course be looking for excellent results, but extra merit will be awarded for new initiatives and extra-curricular activities initiated by the nominee. Where possible, entries should include testimonials from parents and colleagues.

Local Hero of the Year

This new award is seeking nominations from all parts of the county for this broad category that looks to recognise and reward an unsung community hero. Nominees might be the linchpin of the local community, working to ensure we all receive a good service, whether milkman, postman or community policeman. Nominees may be working for the government, a private company or a charity. Or they may simply be volunteers. Th e main criteria is that they are held in the highest esteem in their community and provide a service that is invariably understated but essential to.

This category is kindly sponsored by Warminster School.

Countryside Champion of the Year

A hands-on individual who is practically engaged in enhancing the beautiful, living countryside of Wiltshire, whether that is working on a specific project or initiative to protect the countryside, lakes, rivers or streams of our county. This person’s initiative has helped ensure that rural Wiltshire continues to be a magnificent place to live, work and enjoy now and for future generations.

Services to the Community Award (New Category)

This is a new award that will be presented to an individual who has consistently demonstrated their outstanding commitment to improving the lives of disadvantaged people in their local community. The winner will be someone who has made a significant impact on their local community; a force for good with a passion for helping local people who are living in challenging circumstances.

This category is kindly sponsored by Wiltshire Community Foundation.

Independent Retailer of the Year (New Category)

This is a new category for an owner-operated small retailer, usually a single store shop, but with no more than three outlets altogether, with no HQ or centralised management. The judges will look to a retailer who demonstrates business acumen and presentational flair and who delivers a great service to the customers. The winning retailer is likely to command huge loyalty from his/her staff and, will almost certainly, be making a huge contribution to the local community.

Apprentice of the Year

Based across four campuses (in Chippenham, Salisbury, Trowbridge and Lackham), Wiltshire College is home to 10,000 students studying more than 150 courses, whether that be full time, part time, university level or an apprenticeship.

The College’s courses range from Animal Care and Agricultural Engineering to Travel & Tourism and Hair & Beauty. With a distinct career-focus, the courses are designed to ensure students are industry-ready on completion.

See the incredible range of courses on offer at Wiltshire College at the October Open Events, across all four campuses. Visit for all the information, or simply search Wiltshire College on your preferred social media channel to stay up to date.

This category is kindly sponsored by Wiltshire College.


Business of the Year

To qualify, businesses must have a turnover of less than £5million. If yours is a successful and innovative business that has a strong sense of identity, let us know. We are looking for financial success, staff engagement and growth and a solid, proven and sustainable business plan.

In addition to the 500 word statement, please provide:

  • Profit and loss figures for the most recent financial year
  • Testimonials from customers

Food & Drink

Pub of the Year

The local pub is the heart of any community and we are looking for a true local that serves this tradition. The judges would like to see a well managed public house with a good local following. The pub should offer a good selection of local and national ales, a comprehensive wine list and of course, excellent customer service. Strong community connections and special events would be an advantage.

In addition to the 500 word statement, please provide:

  • Beer and wine listings
  • Details of pub teams/events
  • Testimonials

Independent Food/Drink Producer of the Year

One of our most sought after awards, this trophy will be presented to the person or organisation who has produced a high quality or unique edible product, whether it is vegetable, meat, fish, dairy or beverage and who has developed strategies to market and sell his/her produce throughout the county and beyond. We are looking for evidence of locally sourced ingredients, excellent customer service and strong community engagement.

Please note: we will require samples of your products for the judging day. You will be contacted with instructions once nominations are closed.

Farm/Village Shop of the Year

What makes a very good village or farm shop? If your village or farm shop is rooted in the community, serves local ingredients and produce, is run effectively and is ably managed with support from volunteers, we would like to hear from you.

Community, Conservations & Arts

Community Group of the Year

Community groups that make a worthwhile difference to the lives of Wiltshire residents are in the running for this award. Whether they working with the police to make a community a safer place; or with schools or the elderly; or raising funds for a local cause. The judges are looking for the group that is at the very heart of its community.

This category is kindly sponsored by Smith & Williamson.

Conservation Project of the Year

The judges are looking for an environmentally or historically sensitive project that uses sustainable methods to achieve success.

This award is kindly sponsored by Ramsbury Brewery.

The Arts, Culture & Music Award

As most of the county is part of an outstanding area of natural beauty, home to world famous landmarks and a wide array of wildlife, it's easy to see why Wiltshire has for centuries been the inspiration for the arts. The county is still home to many sculptors, artists, photographers, musicians and crafts experts, and Wiltshire Life would like to recognise the best of them. Open to individuals and groups, this award will be looking at excellence in the arts.

In addition to the 500 word statement, please provide:

  • Photographs of artwork (if applicable)
  • Video/sound clips of performances (if applicable)

Pride of Wiltshire Award (not open for general entry)

The Pride of Wiltshire Award is a special award presented to the organisation that Wiltshire Life and the judging panel are proud to have located in the county. The organisation will have made a significant contribution to the county over a period of time and will continue to be an asset to the community for many years to come. Winners will enter a Wiltshire Life 'Hall of Fame', of which the inaugural winners were Walter Rose & Sons, in Devizes, followed by Salisbury Cathedral in 2015 and Celebrate Voice in 2017.

This award is kindly sponsored by Trethowans